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              Sanzhong Li, Prof. & Dr.

              I. Basic Information

              lFamiliy Name: LI

              lGiven Name: SANZHONG

              lGender: Male

              lDate of birth: Augest, 1968

              lPlace of birth: Gaoan, Jiangxi Province

              lContact address: Department of Marine Geosciences, Ocean University of

              China,No.238,Songling Road, 266100, Qingdao,

              266100, Shandong Province,P.R.China

              lPhones: 0086-532-66781971(Office A307), 66786327(Office A305)

              lE-mail address:;

              II. Education and Profession

              1. Education obtained

              lJilin University, Geology, B.Sc., Changchun, China, July, 1990

              lJilin University, Structural Geology, M.Sc., Changchun, China, July, 1993

              lJilin University, Geology, Ph.D., Changchun, China, July, 1996

              lNorthwest University, Geology, Post-doctor, Xi’an, China, October, 1998

              2. Professional positions

              lAssociate Professor, Ocean University of China (Nov., 1998-Nov., 2001)

              lProfessor, Ocean University of China (Dec., 2001 -present)

              lPh. D. Supervisor, Ocean University of China (Jan., 2002 -present)

              lResearch assistant, the University of Hong Kong (Nov., 2002 –Jan., 2003)

              lResearch assistant, the University of Hong Kong (Mar., 2003 –Jun., 2004)

              lVisiting scholor, Kiel University and IFM-GEOMAR, Germany (Apr., 2006 –Apr., 2007)

              lVice Director, Key Lab of Submarine Science and Exploration Techinques, MOE, China (Sep., 2007 –present)

              lStructural Geologist, Exp. 324 Cruise for NW Pacific, IODP, TAMU, U.S. (Sep., 2009 –Nov., 2009)

              lGuest Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanological Insitute and MIT, U.S. (Apr., 2010–May, 2010)

              lAssistant Dean, College of Marine Geosciences, Ocean Uinversity of China, (Sep., 2011–present)

              lVisiting scholor, National Taiwan University, China (Sept., 2012)

              lVice Director, Institute of Marine Geodynamics, OUC (Dec., 2012)

              lVisiting scholor, the University of Sydney, Australia (Sept., 2013-Nov., 2013)

              3. Memberships and responsibilities of academic societies

              lChairman, International Coference of Evolution of Asian Continent and its Continental Margins of IAGR in 2010.

              lGuest Editor, two special issues of Journal of Asian Earth Sciences

              lEditorial board member, Precambrian Research

              lEditorial board member, Geological Journal

              lEditorial board member, Journal of Ocean University of China (English Version)

              lEditorial board member, Geological Review (Chinese)

              lEditorial board member, Geosciences Frontiers (Chinese)

              lCommittee member, Committee of Stuctural Geology and Tectonics, Geological Society of China

              lMember, AGU

              lMember, EGU

              lMember, AAPG

              4. Honors and awards

              lNational Outstanding Youngest Scientists, NSF, China (2014-2017)

              lOutstanding Scholarship of New Centuary, MOE, China (2006-2009)

              lGolden Hammer Award for young geologists of Geological Society of China, China (2007)

              lFirst investigator of Second-order Award of Natural Sciences, Shandong (2009)

              lOutstanding Scholarship of Qingdao, China (2011-2016)

              5. Key projects

              lProgram of NSFC, “Key Project: Plate Reconstruction of Pangeain East Asia, Program: Early Paleozoic Assembly of small blocks and Paleogeography related to Proto-Tethys Ocean”(41190072, 2012.01-2016.12), Principla Investigator

              lKey Program of Ocean University of China, Reconstruction and Animation of Ocean Circulation and Marine Sediment Dynamics in the South China Sea at the Key Stages of Cenozoic(2010.01-2013.12), Principla Investigator

              lS863 Key Program of Ministry of Science and Techonology, “Key Techniques of Geophysical Exploration for Deep Interior across the Trasitinal Zone of Ocean and Continent”(S863: 2009AA093401,2010.01-2013.12), Chief Scientist

              lProject of NSFC, “Distribution, Deformation and Tectonic Evolution of Paleoproterozoic High Pressure Granulites in the JiaodongPeninsula”(41072152, 2011.01-2013.12), Principla Investigator

              lKey Basic Program of Buareau of Geological Survey of China,“Tectonic Morphogeological Evolution and Active Fault System in the Central North China Block”(1212011120103, 2011.01-2015.12), Principla Investigator

              lIODP Project, “Normal Faulting, Timing and Numerical Modeling of Ocean Plateau Formation at Shatsky Rise”(2009.09-2013.09), Head of Structural Geology Group, IODP Cruise 324

              lProject of NSFC,“Precise Dating of Protolith and Metamorphism of Paleoproterozoic Liaohe Group”(40472098, 2005.01-2007.12), Principla Investigator

              lProject of NSFC,“Paleoproteorozic Emplacement and Thermal Evolution of large-scale Pre-orogenic Granitoids in the LiaodongPeninsula”(40002015, 2001.01-2003.12), Principla Investigator

              lKey Program of PetroChina,“Tectonic Conditions Oil-Gas Preservation in the Xuefengshan Intracontinental Teconic System”(YPH08004, 2006.08-2011.07), Principla Investigator

              6. National invention patents

              l[National Invention Patent]. Digital Geological Compass, Inventors: Sanzhong Li, Chong Jin, Ming Huang. Authorized No.: 200710188556.8

              l[National Invention Patent]. Intergrated Digital Geological Compass, Inventors: Chong Jin, Sanzhong Li, Ming Huang. Authorized No.: 200810232006.6

              III. Research Domains

              1. General

              lStructural Geology and Tectonics, Plate Reconstruction, Continental Dynamics and Marine Geodynamics.

              2. Application

              lApplication of methods and techniques of structural analysis to various deformation and tectonics of orogens and basins in East China and its adjacent seas in the Earth history, especially at three key transition stages of Paleoproterozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic; study of intercontinental tectonics and continental marginal tectonics, and comparison of different structural levels of continental crusts, various deformation and tectonic setting and tectonic regimes to discuss complex evolution of contiental lithosphere; plate reconstruction of typical geological times of Early Paleozoic and 55Ma, 45Ma, 30Ma, 25Ma, 16Ma, 5Ma in Cenozoic.

              3. Recent interests

              lPaleoproterozoic tectonic assembly processes of multiple blocks of the North China Craton along the Trans-North China Orogen and the Jiao-Liao-Ji Belt;

              lCaledonian and Indosianian subduction, collision tectonics and plate reconstruction of the Central China Orogen (the Qilian-Qinling-Dabie-Sulu Orogen) and exhumation of the HP-UHP rocks;

              lMeso-Cenzoic intracontinental deformation of East China and its related subduction of the (Paleo-)Pacific Plate, especially intraplate rifting of the Bohai Bay Basin in the North China and thrusting and folding in the South China;

              lMesozoic evolution of NW Pacific and Cenozoic evolution of SW Indian Ocean and South China Sea;

              lPlate reconstruction of Early Paleozoic and Cenozoic.

              IV. Major Publications

              More than 260 papers and about 100 SCI-indexed papers since 1994. ISI Web of Scienc, H-index = 29, No. 257 of Top 1 scientists ranking in Geosciences of ISI on Nov., 2013.

              List of Major Publications as Follows:

              [1].Li, S.Z., Zhao, G.C., Santosh, M., Liu, X., Dai, L.M., Suo, Y.H., Tam, P.Y., Song, M.C., Wang, P.C.. 2012. Paleoproterozoic structural evolution of the southern segment of the Jiao-Liao-Ji Belt, North China Craton. Precambrian Research,200-203: 59-73 (top-Journal).

              [2].Li, S.Z., Zhao, G.C.. 2007. SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Liaoji Granitoids: constraints on the Paleoproterozoic Jiao-Liao-Ji belt in the eastern block of the North China craton. Precambrian Research, 158(1-2): 1-16 (top-Journal).

              [3].Li, S.Z., Kusky, T.M., Wang, L., Zhang, G.W., Lai, S.C., Liu, X.C., Dong, S.W., Zhao, G.C.. 2007. Collision leading to multiple-stage large-scale extrusion in the Qinling orogen: insights from the Mianlue suture. Gondwana Research, 12(1-2):121-143 (top-Journal).

              [4].Li, S.Z.,Kusky, T.M., Liu, X.C., Zhang, G.W., Zhao, G.C., Wang, L., Wang, Y.J.. 2009. Two-stage collision-related extrusion of the western Dabie HP-UHP metamorphic terranes, central China: evidence from quartz c-axis fabrics and microstructures. Gondwana Research, 16: 294-309 (top-Journal).

              [5].Li, S.Z.,Zhao, G.C., Zhang, J., Sun, M., Zhang, G.W., Dai, L.M.. 2010. Deformation history of the Hengshan-Wutai-FupingMountains: Implications for the evolution of the Trans-North China Orogen.Gondwana Research, 18: 611-631.

              [6].Li, S.Z., Zhao, G.C., Sun, M., Luo, Y., Han, Z.Z., Zhao, G.T.. 2006. Are the South and North Liaohe Groups different exotic terranes?—Nd isotope constraints on the Jiao-Liao-Ji orogen. Gondwana Research, 9:198-208.

              [7].Li, S.Z., Kusky, T.M., Zhao, G.C., Liu, X.C., Zhang, G.W., Kopp, H., Wang, L.. 2010. Two-stage Triassic exhumation of HP-UHP terranes in the Dabie orogen of China: constraints from structural geology. Tectonophysics, 490: 267-293.

              [8].Li, S.Z., Kusky, T.M., Zhao, G.C., Liu, X.C., Wang, L., Kopp, H., Hoernle, K., Zhang, G.W., Dai, L.M.. 2011. Thermochronological constraints on Two-stage extrusion of HP/UHP terranes in the Dabie-Sulu orogen, east-central China. Tectonophysics, 504: 25-42.

              [9].Li, ­S.Z., Zhao, G.C., Sun, M., Han, Z.Z.,Hao, D.F., Luo, Y., Xia, X.P.. 2005. Deformation history of the Paleoproterozoic Liaohe Group in the Eastern Block of the North China Craton. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 24(5): 659-674.

              [10].Li, S.Z., Zhao, G.C., Dai, L.M., Zhou, L.H., Liu, X., Suo, Y.H., Santosh, M.. 2012. Cenozoic faulting of the BohaiBayBasin and its bearings on the destruction of the eastern North China Craton. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 47: 80-93.

              [11].Li, S.Z.,Zhao, G.C., Dai, L.M., Liu, X., Zhou, L.H., Santosh, M., Suo, Y.H.. 2012. Mesozoic Basins in eastern China and their Bearings on the deconstruction of the North China Craton. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,47: 64-79.

              [12].Li, S.Z.,Santosh, M., Zhao, G.C., Zhang, G.W., Jin, C.. 2012. Intracontinental deformation in a frontier of super-convergence: A perspective on the tectonic milieu of the South China Block. Journal of Asian Earth Sciecnes, 49: 311-327.

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